Personalised by You

There are thousands of sites on the web that offer a multitude of products that can be personalised as gifts or as a special treat just for yourself. We found that the vast majority of those sites were hard to look around and find what you’re really looking for, and even when you do you then have to browse through many different styles and options until you find the one that’s just right.

That’s why we decided to set up Personalised By You! Our aim was to whittle down the bewildering multitude of available products and options and to present the best of them in a manner that is easy to search. You won’t find endless products with only small changes in styles or options between them. Instead, we’ve grouped these all together and present you with just the one product to view, from which you can then view all of the different colours and styles to select the right one.

We’ve also curated an amazing collection of rather special items and “objets d’art” that, generally, can’t be personalised but which we were so excited to come across that we knew you’d want to see them too! Although these items generally can’t be personalised, most of them have a space for engraving or to add an engraved plaque so, if you really want to, just contact us and we’re sure we can arrange something.

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